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Auto & Work Injury

A seemingly minor car accident or on-the-job injury can result in major issues that can cause a lifetime of problems if you don’t seek appropriate treatment, and PRIME Therapy and Balance Centers can be part of your recovery. With a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise, our experts will reduce your pain and disability and improve your function and mobility.

If you are injured in an auto accident or at work, the providers at PRIME can help you get back to work and living in a safe and timely manner. The most common problems resulting from a car crash or work-related injury include back and neck injuries such as, fractures, whiplash, herniated discs and radiculopathy.

Your recovery is in the hands of an experienced team of PRIME therapist who will:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your condition

  • Design a personalized treatment program to increase your strength, mobility, and endurance

  • Teach you how to minimize your chance for re-injury

  • Work closely with your doctor, case manager, and insurance company every step of the way

  • Don’t wait to seek treatment for a painful auto accident or work injury.

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