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Orthotics are functional shoe inserts that are designed to promote sound structural integrity of the foot and leg. Orthotics re-distribute the pressures on the bottom of the foot. Thus they help to realign the bodies biomechanical forces, which, when out of alignment, can cause lower extremity pain and disability. Orthotics have proved successful in the treatment of many overuse injuries and misalignment syndromes including:

- Plantar Fasciitis (heel or arch pain)
- Patellofemoral (knee) Pain
- Osteoarthritis (especially in knees and hips)
- Positional Low Back Pain

- Flat foot(Congenital and Functional)

- Corn with malalignment of body

Orthotics are custom designed for each individuals foot, and are modified based on a persons functional biomechanics, that is, how they walk. At Prime Physical therapy, we devise our orthotics by carefully evaluating and measuring foot and ankle joint motion in both standing and non-weight bearing positions. Additionally, we observe how you walk to determine gait patterns, to see how your foot functions, and to determine if orthotics can help your specific problem.
If orthotics are determined to be of help to you, then we can work with you to have them custom made. A plaster mold or foam impression tray of your feet will be made in our office, and sent to a lab for fabrication. We will then work in conjuction with the lab to select appropriate materials (rigid vs. semi-rigid) based on your needs to construct your orthotics. Also, depending on your evaluation, your orthotics will be adjusted (posted) so that your foot is placed in its optimal biomechanical position.
The result is an orthotic that has been custom designed specifically for your foot!

Are orthotics the same inserts that I can buy at the neighborhood drug store?
- No. These orthotics are custom fit and designed for your foot only. Think of them as prescription glasses for your feet.

How do I know if I need orthotics?
- Talk to your doctor. If you are having chronic pain symptoms, orthotics may help. However, if you are not experiencing any discomfort or pain, chances are, orthotics are not necessary.

Does insurance pay for orthotics?
- Many insurance carriers do cover the cost of orthotics. However, sometimes there are limitations. For instance, some insurance carriers limit you to one pair of orthotics every three years. Others may limit the type of orthotic that is ordered. We suggest you check your own individual policy.

How long does it take to have orthotics made?
- The initial evaluation for the orthotics takes about 45 minutes to an hour. After that, it takes about 2 weeks for the lab to fabricate the orthotics and send them back to us.

Can the fitting and fabrication process for the orthotics be expedited quicker if needed?
- Absolutely! We can ask the lab to expedite your order sooner, but, as you might imagine, this will cost a bit more.

Do I have to buy special shoes for the orthotics?
- Not necessarily. Biomechanical foot orthotics such as these are preferably used with athletic, walking, or casual style dress shoes or boots. "Lace up" type shoes are best. If you are concerned if your particular shoes will work well with the orthotics, bring them with you during your evaluation.

Will the orthotics fit in my dress flats and heels?
- Unfortunately no. Because of the depth of the orthotics and the space they take up, they will not work well in dress shoes or heels.

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